Saturday, August 06, 2011

When to use FLUCAM

A small study from Sienna from Professor Forconi (who it is rumored may be relocating to Southampton) on FLUCAM in TP53 dysfunctional CLL patients is published in last month's BJHaem

Only 27 patients were treated. the CLL1 group stood out as responding better than the CLL2 and CLL3 group. CLL1 patients were older and all were treated first line. The re were 6/7 CRs, 1/7 PRs 5/7 MRD neg and only one with hematological toxicity. CLL2 patients had relapsed/ refractory TP53- CLL. The CR rate was 1/5 with 4/5 SD or PD, 3/5 hematological toxicity and 3/5 CMV reactivation. CLL3 patients were historical patients having received other treatments as first line but FLUCAM as second line. They were not relapsed/refractory patients but the CR rate was 1/15, MRD- was 1/15, PR 3/15, SD and PD was 11/15. At 100 weeks the TFI for CLL2 and CLL3 was <10% but for CLL1 it was >70%.

The conclusion from this small study seems to be that FLUCAM looks like a good first line option for TP53 dysfunctional CLL, but not as second or subsequent line treatment.

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