Thursday, August 04, 2011

Just passing the day

Why is it that whenever I water the garden it pours with rain the next day?

Today it is overcast and very wet. We have had a few days of nice weather. I have been able to sit in the swing-chair in the garden and read. Unfortunately we have been visited by a pair of magpies. Despite their smart black and white suits, they are the most unpleasant of birds. Scattered about the grass are the remains of the bird's eggs they have eaten and my reading is interrupted by the coarse chut-chut chattering that they constantly make.

While other parts of the country are sweltering under temperatures in the eighties, it has been pleasantly cool here on the coast, around 75 with a cooling breeze sufficient to move the tree tops but not enough to stir the lower branches. The skies have been mainly blue with high clouds that Catholics see pictures of Jesus in, but I only see clowns and grotesque faces.

Today is much different. We are driving up to see my sister-in-law and then my mother this afternoon. I couldn't have done it yesterday. I had run out of ranitidine and substituted lanzoprazole. This gave me so much retained and trapped wind that I was unable to do anything but sit. I have replenished my supply of Zantac today.

I still have a tendency to become drowsy after meals, but this is just diversion of blood from brain to stomach and I believe a lot of older people have the problem. Not all the 19 explanations of my poor health are wrong, just because one is right.


Manu Manickvel said...

How is your mother Doc...any other recollections like Pretty Polly Oliver? By the way, my mother too taught me to read before i was 3 just as it was for you. We have been lucky to have such mothers...

Terry Hamblin said...

Very well today, but at 91 she is beginning to feel her age.