Saturday, August 06, 2011

Letters to Juliet and My Cousin Rachel

We have watched a couple of OK films this week. Letters to Juliet is set in Verona where Romeo and Juliet is set by Shakespeare. The story is that the wall where the statue of Juliet is situated gets plastered by letters from girls who have been hurt in their relationships. A coterie of "Agony Aunts" answers their letters. An Ameican girl on holiday finds a letter that is 50 years old and seeks to trace the younf English girl who had decided to return home rather than met her Italian lover. That girl is now the 65 year old Vanessa Redgrave who comes with her grandson to seek her old beau. After a long hunt they eventually find Franco Nero (remember them together in Camelot?). Altogether a nice film with predictable plot twists and a gentle theme. No sex, violence or bad language.

The other was an old monochrome Daphne Du Maurier movie, My Cousin Rachel starring Olivier De Havilland and Richard Burton. I hadn't seen it previously but it was a timely reminder of what a great actor Richard Burton was, and how handsome a guy before the loose living got to him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Terry,
In case you haven't seen or heard of it yet - no one I know has - here is a movie that is also absolutely enchanting 'Mrs Palfrey at The Claremont'

Terry Hamblin said...

Thanks for that.