Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silly Season

They used to call August the silly season when politicians and journalists went away on holiday. The newspapers were stuck with stories of cats stuck up trees. Not so this August. These are the current stories: 1. Riots in the UK; 2. Famine in the horn of Africa; 3. America's credit rating degraded; 4. The Euro collapsing; 5 War in Libya; 6. War in Afghanistan; 7. Atrocities in Syria; 8. The aftermath of the Norway Massacre; 9. The aftermath of Levi-Strauss; 10. England walloping India in the Test Match.

It's not a day when Sports News makes the front pages, but it might be a good day to bury bad news.

This is the day that a major new treatment for CLL was announced. I will cover it maturely when I have all the background, but I have blogged about this approach in the past with some enthusiasm since I heard about its proposed use in ALL at GTAC. Mind, I can't find where I put it, so perhaps it was a comment rather than an entry. Never mind I shall definitely write an article about it.

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