Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ministry of Dr John

Dr John started coming to Lansdowne at the same time as I and was baptized on the same occasion. He had been a GP in one of the most reliable practices in town and I was surprised to see him there. It turned out that he had been widowed some time before and was courting a widow in the church who was about ten years his junior.

We attended Pastor's Class together and became Deacons and Elders together, but he has had a ministry that I could never aspire to; that of visitation. I have been most grateful for it during my long illness. For me, in particular, it has been useful. Because we share a medical background there are many anecdotes and reminiscences that we can share, which keeps me entertained and distracted. He also understands my worries and cares, and difficulties in sometimes coming to terms with what I am suffering. He has had his share of the infirmities of old age and understands the frustrations.

But more than that he has a thorough understanding of Scripture and will bring a passage to our meetings that I am unaware of (such as from Zepheniah) which will uplift my heart. He has concentrated on the promises of God and passages that bring comfort and reassurance to the anxious. What a ministry!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the love and comfort of dear friends one of the most wonderful experiences of life? I'm so thankful you have Dr. John. Brenda