Thursday, August 11, 2011

Health Report following CT scan

I had my CT scan this morning and this afternoon had a phone call to attend the hospital. The most serious finding was that I have had a large volume pulmonary embolus straddling the two pulmonary arteries. Although there is still blood flow around the embolus, it does explain why I have been breathless for the past few days and my general fatigue. Looking at it shows that there has been a genuine emergency and justifies my going back on full dose Clexane, which I have already started this evening.

The rest of the scan shows no liver metastases and no change in the size of the mass where the stricture is, but there is a significant thickening of the omentum, which will account for the bloating and discomfort that I am feeling. I think it is probably time that I restarted my treatment and it looks as though the most likely option id a clinical trial comparing cetuximab and an EGRF TKI.


Anonymous said...

A hard post to read but be assured of prayers that God will continue to support you through every trial.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of these developments, I will remember you in my prayers. You do so much for everyone and we all wish the very best for you. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
Sad news but glad they did CT scan, responded fast to results and are treating it effectively.

It must be tough to take so many setbacks, one after the other but..

You're a tiger and cats have 9 lives!

Anonymous said...

Keeping you foremost in my prayers.

Brenda Breeland

Patty said...

Please remember God will be with you in all your difficult days; "the Lord will fight for you, be still and let Him".

You are a blessing in this world.

Anonymous said...

Praying that the treatment will be successful and that your health will start improving.

All Best wishes..Margaret.

Chaya said...


I wish there was something I can say that is more potent than mere good wishes.

I will never forget the debt PC and I owe you. I learnt a lot of hematology from you, that one month we spent in Bournemouth.

Stay well, my friend.


Patti said...

Dr. Hamblin -

I will "pray you up" in my daily prayers - that God's healing love will soak and surround you.

You are blessing to all of us in the CLL community and we are all holding you close to our hearts.

Thank you for being one of the dear souls that help make this a better world.

Patti Kruse

Brian Koffman said...

Sorry to hear of your latest challenges. You are in my prayers.

Jorge said...

Prof. Hamblim:

I want to wish you a successfully treatment and the health improvements.
We don’t find many people like you Dr.
You are a very good person, of a great generosity and one of the best specialists of hematology that do not mind share yours ideas and knowledge.
You deserves the best of life. Last year I and Ana went to Liverpool to make the important IgVH test and we remember you.
Happily it was mutated genes and thans to you and to your important discovery we could breathe a sigh of relief.

We desires the best to you.

Jorge and Ana

Wayne said...

I was behind on reading your blog and my heart sank over your recent health report.

You walk the walk of your faith like no other Christian I have met and only wish I could give my current energy from my Clinical Trial to you.

Your path will be steep but accompanied by the thoughts and prayers of those of us you have served so selflessly.


Wayne said...


Have you been tested for KRAS gene mutation status and if so would you share that with us?


Terry Hamblin said...

Yes, I am wild type K-Ras. Cetuximab is an option.