Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Water was there.

Water features prominently in the first six chapters of John's gospel - always signifying the 'old way'

I have written this short hymn around this theme. The tune is "The Lord is King! Lift up your voice!"

Water was there in great supply
In giant jars to purify.
At Cana’s feast the clear first sign;
The old surpassed by this new wine.

Water was there; the Baptist dips
While waiting for his own eclipse;
The word comes thund’ring from above,
“This is my son and him I love.”

Water was there for thirty-eight;
The years he’s wasted at Sheep Gate;
But no-one helped when water stirred
‘til Jesus healed him with a word

Water was there at Jacob’s spring;
The stranger told her everything.
Beside the well with roles reversed,
He quenched her everlasting thirst.

Water was there at Galilee;
Five thousand fed beside the sea;
But when the storm clouds showed their teeth,
It’s fit to trample underneath.

The old has gone; the new is here
Dispatching doubt, defeating fear.
With trumpet sound and dreadful drums;
Behold the risen Saviour comes!


carolinasguy said...

Your Hymn on the theme of water reminded me of Tom Graffagnino,Christian, artist and poet/photographer. Please visit his medidation on water above. Tom just remarried after his wife died several years ago. he was a highschool friend.

Manu Manickvel said...

Dr T your faith is so strong - is it cause ur parents taught u - in my case too it is the same - i know iam a simpleton but i am a hindu & i feel religion cannot be pinned down or be a differentiator fine day far in the future we may find a common ground(it is so obvious)- God is love there is the very simple faith for all of us different races/faiths to follow. All the doctrines of the past 2000 years may be the same.

Manu Manickvel said...

i cannot talk about doctrine but please...we are humans too (Christians or not)- and we do have logic & belief in whatever led us here(or not)...where we r now.Could u all accept us? In ur eyes we r heathens...

Manu Manickvel said...

Complicated debstes go on on all the various religious blogs as to what is or is not...far be it from me to say anything...

Manu Manickvel said...

Your faith does prevent you from acknowledging & validating another religion- i do understand that...

Terry Hamblin said...

Thanks for the link.

Terry Hamblin said...

We have a saying, "God has no grandchildren." It means that everyone must come to faith individually. My parents were not Christians; my mother was converted from a sort of pagan mishmash after my father died.

Terry Hamblin said...

In my eyes we were all created as children of God, but Satan has corrupted the world and we all fall short of what we should be. I believe that God in the person of Jesus has made amends and paid the price of our sins and offers redemption as a free gift to everyone of whatever race of religion. It is not what we do but what he has done that matters. All that is required is for us to accept a free gift.

Manu Manickvel said...

Dr Terry thank you for forgiving my transgressions - faith is a very personal issue - and thank you for making yourself clear.