Friday, November 11, 2011

The truth about Syria.

The world is getting one story from the Muslim dominated BBC about Syria, but is this more like the truth?

"The situation for Christians and other minorities is getting worse and worse since the army pulled out, it is a nightmare," a church leader told Open Doors this week. Syrian forces have now withdrawn from Homs according to an agreement with the Arab league.

The priest, whose identity is protected for his own safety, shared: "Armed civilians have their own checkpoints. Christians in general, but particularly women, are threatened in the streets, at checkpoints and everywhere they go. Many of them are not leaving their homes anymore."

Internationally there is scepticism over whether the Syrian government will call a halt to the violence as agreed with the Arab league. "The scepticism is very understandable," an Open Doors observer for the Middle East said, "but other than giving this initiative a fair chance, the alternatives are bleak. I am sure President Bashar al-Assad's sincerity will be tested soon, if not already, by new protesters taking to the streets."

"For several Christians the situation is alarming," the Open Doors worker says. "We learned that armed people, who are believed to be Sunni Muslim extremists, have their own checkpoints in the streets of Homs. They stop people and check for their IDs. A believer shared that to all non-Sunni Muslims they say 'This is our land.' It was reported that two Christians were killed in the past week."

A pastor in Homs told how he has been threatened by extremists. The fanatics had assumed he had reported information about them to the government and consequently the pastor fled Homs for his own safety.

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