Monday, November 21, 2011


Syria is proving a harder nut to crack than the Western Media imagined. The uprisng is largely confined to a few towns where there has been trouble in the past and generally the Syrian army is in control.

If there were elections who would win? And if Assad won would the elections be declared by the Western Media as corrupt? Are America and the EU opposed to Syria because Russia and China support it? Or is it the other way round?

Syria is Israel's implacable enemy, giving aid to Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

But Syria is also a safe haven for Christians. Many Iraqi Christians have found sanctuary there.

It is a conundrum.


Anonymous said...

Syria may be a safe place at present for Christians, but that is a poor criteria to use when discussing a bad regime. Don't forget that Nazi Germany was once a safe place, too, for the "right" types of people!

Terry Hamblin said...

Is Syria a bad regime? Do you have personal evidence for this or are relying on the mainstream media? My correspondent thinks we are being misled by what we see on TV. It wouldn't be the first time that evidence from this region was fabricated and fooled the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

I have no personal knowledge but feel rather certain that Assad is a bad man leading a bad regime. Most dictators turn out so.

If your only criteria is how is regime currently treats Christians I feel certain that your vision is somewhat skewed.

I recently read a book about the US ambassador to Nazi Germany in 1933-1934. He and his daughter (she was no gem) certainly had different opinions after living there for many months, but even the Nazis had their sympathy and " protection" vis-a-vis the US State Dept and press for manyany months.

Terry Hamblin said...

"but feel rather certain that Assad is a bad man leading a bad regime."

Feelings are not facts. Are you an Israeli sympathizer? I was rather in favor of Israel but I have bad 'feelings' about the current Prime Minister.

I have no fellow feelings about Nazis.

Terry Hamblin said...

In contrast to what is currently happening in Egypt. The military were responsible for deliberately running down demonstrating Christians in the main square, when militant Islamists had been burning down Coptic Churches and turning a blind eye to the forcible conversion and rape of young Christian girls. Militant Islam is a greater danger in the Arab Spring than the previous dictatorships were. (apart from Ghaddafi)