Tuesday, November 29, 2011

String of disasters

I am still waiting for news about the monoclonal antibody. I am told that we should hear today.

Meanwhile it has been an eventful week. First, our dishwasher broke. Normally this would be something we would do together, but I am not well enough to9 go shopping so my wife went to Currys and bought a replacement which will be installed tomorrow. Then via the MacMillan Unit I had some aromatherapy. While I am sure this does not affect the cancer, it is very relaxing having sandalwood oil rubbed into my feet and legs. These are getting very puffy and despite elastic stockings I have to keep them raised. Then a large amalgam filling fell out of my back teeth. No I don't blame the aromatherapy.

Today as I was dozing in the armchair I heard a clattering from the chimney. My wife was sure that a pigeon had fallen down the chimney and trapped itself there. We phoned Prokill, the pest controller, and she was right. In about 20 minutes they had rescued the bird and released it. Best of all they made no charge for it. What nice people!


Paula said...

O dear - it certainly has been a string of disasters. I was looking for news on your blog yesterday, re the monoclonal therapy. I can hardly believe they wouldn't approve it for you, after all you've done yourself in that field. Amazing service from Prokill with the pigeon though. With a name like "Prokill" I'm very surprised they rescued it and released it. I hope the dishwasher and tooth problems soon get sorted.

Terry Hamblin said...

The latest news about the monoclonal is that the delay was that the regulations hold that it is available after 1 or 2 lines of chemotherapy. Remember that I had had 2 lines of chemotherapy and then some capcitabine to hold me for a clinical trial that tuirned out to be closed. Was this effectively a third line of chemotherapy? Eventually they decided that it wasn't and the decision seems favorable, but I won't get the go-ahead until tomorrow lunchtime.

The delivery of the washing machine was a disaster too. The 'hod-carriers' who delivered it couldn't fit it (more than my jobsworth) and Currys reneged on the deal. Luckily an engineer friend who hapenned was able to disconnect the old one and they took it away, but we shall have to find a fiter for tomorrow. Were my son nearby he could have done it; it's only a 10 minute job. Were I not unable to bend, I could do it myself.

Paula said...

I'm sorry there are so many frustrations for you these days - so very draining of one's mental and physical energy. I pray you may know the loving arms of Jesus wrapped around you.