Monday, November 07, 2011

More on drug shortages.

From New Scientist:

President Obama has signed an executive order intended to boost drug supply, particularly of cancer treatments and antibiotics

BARACK OBAMA has issued an executive order aimed at easing shortages of prescription drugs in the US. The order allows the US Food and Drug Administration to speed up approval of new drug-making facilities, and requires more companies to warn the FDA of any manufacturing cutbacks. The number of drugs affected by shortages has tripled since 2005, says the White House, which has also called for an investigation into illegal “price gouging” by profiteers selling scarce drugs for inflated prices. The FDA blames demand that is rising faster than manufacturing capacity. Others cite increased reliance on foreign suppliers not meeting FDA standards, and efforts by some companies to impede the manufacturing of older drugs, to boost demand for newer ones.

The number of drugs affected by manufacturing shortages in the US has tripled since 2005. Half of all shortages in the US in 2010 were of sterile preparations for injection, especially for cancer treatments and anaesthesia.

This does not seem to me to have gotten to the root cause of the problem.

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