Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moorlands College

Moorlands College is one of the Charities that I support. My former Pastor, Steve Brady, whose book I recently reviewed, is the Principle there. It is an Evangelical Bible College administered under the University of Cheltenham and Gloucester.

My son-in-law, Tim Johnson, is an air-traffic controller. He may one day become a lecturer at the College of Air Traffic Control. I have just had this press release from Moorlands:

Moorlands is very grateful to the Bournemouth College of Air Traffic Control for the donation of furniture made this month. God’s timing is always perfect and as we continue to grow and develop as a College there are various needs that arise. The need for furniture is always high as we have new staff, more students and more advanced technology. So when the nearby College of Air Traffic Control closed down to move to a different site, the offer came to Moorlands to inherit some of their furniture.

We are so grateful to them for thinking of us and we look forward to putting some of their teaching equipment, desks and filing cabinets to good use. So a massive thank you goes to Bournemouth College of Air Traffic Control, to Paul Craddock for making this possible and of course to God for His continued provision for us!

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