Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crazy Heart

We watched Crazy Heart last night. This won an Oscar for Jeff Bridges a couple of years ago as well as one for T-Bone Burnett for best song.

The story is an old one. C & W songwriter becomes famous, gets a lot of money, squanders it on cheap whiskey and loose women, is reduced to performing in bowling alleys, is redeemed by a good woman, goes back to writing songs, blows it, gets himself clean again, but the woman won't take him back.

The story is hackneyed and the appearance of Robert Duvall reminds us that he made a similar film several years ago. This is one that definitely needs the subtitles since the speech in unintelligible. Perhaps that's just as well since the language that one can hear is foul. On the other hand you get the impression of the story without the actual words.

Still I enjoyed the music. Advice? Don't bother with the film, get the CD.

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