Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aphorisms 15

Just over a quarter of UK aid goes direct to other governments and little of this ever goes anywhere else.

Development spending is the process by which poor people in rich countries subsidize rich people in poor countries.

Every dollar of aid counted because every dollar got counted. – Bill Gates

Corruption is the lubrication of the Olympic industry and of FIFA too.

“Corruption is our right. Think about everyone else who is engaging in corruption. If we don’t do the same thing, won’t it be to our loss?” – Senior Pakistani Minister

The hope of preferment can be kept going indefinitely, but the bitterness of dismissal is instant, and long-lasting.

Kindness takes but a moment longer.

Capitalism takes flawed human acts and transforms them into good. Socialism turns good intentions into evil consequences.

The wise and virtuous man is at all times willing that his own private interest should be sacrificed to the public interest of his own particular order or society – Adam Smith

Some people spread happiness and light wherever they go: some whenever they go.

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