Monday, June 20, 2011

Black side of the Arab Spring

The so-called Arab Spring has been welcomed in the West as being the means of removing malignant dictators. However, there are certainly problems with it and extremist Islamists are making use of it for their own ends. This from Open Doors:

Christians in Syria, have been living in peace for a long period of time. The evangelical church including other Christian denominations have been practicing their faith under the current government without any threats or danger. The Christian community has been blessed and protected in the majority Muslim nation of Syria under the current secular regime. It has been our prayer and thanksgiving for the past years where we were able to flourish and live in prosperity and peace with our neighbours and other religious sects.

Since the situation in the Middle East erupted, many small and other self interest groups have been exploiting the situation to achieve their agenda in the region. For example, many extremist foreign fighters have travelled to Iraq and killed innocent Iraqis, Shiites, Sunnis and Christians. These same extremist groups have turned their Jihad to neighbour Syria, exploiting the situation to establish their Islamic Emirate. These groups have been living and operating in Syria during the past three months. They have been entering houses and threatening many Christians and minority groups. They even entered government buildings and murdered men and women for no reason other than working in a government building.

Many of the "peaceful" demonstrations have been shouting, "Christians, your men belong to our sword and your women belong to our pleasure." Other extremist Muslim clerics, who belong to the opposition overseas, are calling the Muslim in Syria to shed the blood of more than one million Christians and Allawits in Syria to make up for the past years where the Christians and other minorities were living in peace.

Other peaceful Muslims in the region are suggesting that Christians in Syria should run away to Lebanon or other nations; however, it is the desire of the Christians to remain living in Syria and never leave their home nation.

We want the people to know that Christians in Syria do exist and we do not want what happened in Iraq to the Christians to happen in Syria to the Christian community. This is not a war for freedom, this is not a war for democracy, it is a sectarian war and if people do not realize what is happening, it will be too late for many minorities group, including the Christian community. Please pray for the Christians in Syria.

Source: Open Doors Middle East

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