Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Mighty are fallen.

Surpassing even the visit of President Obama, the news has been dominated by injunctions obtained by the rich and famous to stop newspapers publishing gossip about their sexual indiscretions. In France, as we have seen, private things are kept private. In the UK libel has always had a public interest defence. The newspapers are confused by what it is in the interest of the public to know, usually 'them' misusing our money, and what the public would be interested to know, namely scandal and gossip. It is this that sells newspapers.

Of course, injunctions issued by English courts have no power over different countries and once the news is out somewhere else it soon spreads to England. In the latest case Ryan Giggs, a Manchester United footballer of high reputation and a married man with children, is alleged to have had an affair with a former Miss Wales. Coincidentally he has been the best footballer for Wales for many years.

I suppose most people would be more concerned over whether Ryan Giggs plays well in the Champion's League Final against Barcelona next Saturday at Wembley and this publicity may well unsettle him. I guess if Manchester United win, all will be forgiven; if they lose he may well be blamed despite his 12 Premier League titles.

I wonder how Lance Armstrong feels at the moment?

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