Saturday, May 21, 2011

John 3:24

This was before John was put in prison

Imprisoned for their faith:

Biplob Marandi sentenced to one year in prison in Bangladesh for selling Christian books. Released on March 29th when charges thrown out. Praise the Lord!

Three leaders of the Shouwang church in Beijing are still held in custody after meeting in the open air to worship following the closing of their church building by the Chinese authorities.

Pastor Omar Gude Perez granted conditional release from his six and a half year prison sentence in Cuba. He was originally arrested on false charges of 'human trafficking and then convicted on trumped up charges of falsification of documents.

Irene Wiens, a Geman mother of four, has been jailed in Germany for keeping her children out of mandatory sex education classes.

Two new Christian believers were conditionally released from prison in Iran after their arrest for alleged national security crimes.

Qamar David was found dead in his prison cell in Pakistan. He had been imprisoned in 2002 following a charge of 'blasphemy' against Muhammed. His appeal was due to be heard.

This is a small snapshot of people who are or have been in prison for their faith around the world. Readers can get up-to-date information from here or here.

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