Thursday, May 05, 2011

Health update

It is now 5 weeks since the end of chemotherapy. I am making slow progress. I still have bloating after meals but my strength is improving. I have to be very careful about my bowels and am on a low residue diet. I am taking live yoghurt and small meals often. I am still taking steroids for edema around the anastomosis. My weight is steady and my appetite is good. My hair is growing back and I had to have it cut yesterday.

I reckon that there is a motility problem largely due to the altered anatomy and the autonomic neuropathy from the oxaloplatin, and I have to learn to cope with this. There seems to be no progressive obstruction which should mean that my condition will be stable for a while and I should be able to get back to a fairly normal life. I am taking simeticone to reduce the amount of wind that I have.

I am trying to get some exercise every day and hope to attend EHA next month, though I am having to give the MDS Workshop a miss in Edinburgh.

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