Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taken to Star Trek

I finally got round to watching last years Star Trek prequel. I have had it on my hard drive for a few weeks, but was waiting for a listless day when I didn't feel creative. It was an exciting romp with no real depth, but well done. Eric Bana made a fearful villain and the real Leonard Nimoy reprised the old Spock do give it a bit of depth. There never were any deep sci-fi themes in Star Trek and in the end like an old John Wayne movie it ends up with a fist fight. Many bangs and whistles and a lot of CGI, but it takes your mind off things. Interesting to see Ben Cross, last seen in Chariots of Fire as Spock's father, and Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead as the new Scottie.

Also watched Taken, the Liam Neeson vehicle about what an ex-CIA agent does when his 17-year old daughter gets kidnapped into white slavery in Paris. He doesn't weep.

Nothing like mindless violence to pass the time.


Anonymous said...

White slavery in Paris? Why when the French are---well, so French?

Terry Hamblin said...

The real villains were Eastern Europeans and Arabs, of course, the French were just facilitators for profit. Same old; same old.