Thursday, September 09, 2010

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The Flagyl clearly wasn't working and the symptoms were getting worse, so I had a CT scan on Tuesday. This showed very little change in the size of the original tumor, but some smearing in the peritoneal suggestive of secondaries. This seems to be the most likely cause of the symptoms. It is low volume disease, but obviously affecting gut motility.

I saw the oncologist this evening and we decided to try and alleviate the symptoms with dexamethasone and Maxalon, but to start 5-FU + Folinic acid + Irenotecan chemotherapy next week. I am waiting for a call from the radiologist to have a Hickman line inserted and as soon as that is done I hope to start the chemotherapy.

This has been a trying time of waiting for me and my wife. It was clear that something was wrong and it is a relief to finally have a decision. It is like being in opposition in Parliament. Without the responsibility of power you can come up with ever more fanciful explanations for what is going on. But when you are the ruling party you have to be realistic and get it right. That's why you have to have a doctor to look after you and not try and treat yourself.


Brian Koffman said...


Sorry to hear you need more therapy. It is not easy.

Your post touches us a few tricky issues

I often wonder if it better living with the not knowing about progression, or getting confirmation of your fears. In the first case, there is still the hope that there is nothing happening, while in the later you know that the hope for a longer lull is gone and action is now demanded. As you rightly point out, that is liberating.

The other point is not treating ourselves. But who has more invested? Who has studied the terrain in more detail? It is hard for me not to be involved deeply in my own care.

Stay strong


Marcia said...

Terry, there are many of us watching and waiting with you, with prayers and supplications. Rest in God's care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Terry,
I am so sorry to hear of more problems. I pray the treatments will stop anymore cancer activity. I admire you and thank you for telling the truth about our Savior Jesus. I read everyone of your posts and have learned so much. God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Praying that this next treatment will work better and you will soon be restored to good health.
All good wishes...Margaret(Cllcf)

Chanakya said...

Sorry to hear that u need more therapy....Hope every thing will be alrit....We are praying for ur good helth....