Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Labour Leader but not Nu-Labor

Has Ed Milliband made a Faustian pact with the Unions in order to get himself elected? Union leaders have been all over the television - big, burly men, without sensitivity or charm. I must say that I am not attracted to this type of politics.

Trades Unions began not far from here in Tolpuddle, and no doubt they were essential for the progress of this country from feudalism to democracy. The solidarity that gave its name to the Polish Union movement essential to the downfall of communism has its place. It is a formidable weapon, but it can be misused. In the 1960s movies like I'm all right, Jack and The Angry Silence portrayed how terrible union power could be, and the era of Red Robbo at British Leyland showed how right Barbara Castle was to try and control the Unions and silly Jim Callaghan (IMHO even worse than Gordon Brown as a Prime Minister) was to oppose her. Thankfully Margaret Thatcher had the courage of her conviction to defeat Scargill.

We must never let the Unions reclaim power by bully-boy tactics. The Panda as they call Ed Milliband must declare his independence from them or Labor is in for more Michael Foot years.

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