Sunday, September 26, 2010

Latest chemo

I am in the middle of my first course of the new chemotherapy. It started at 12-30 yesterday with a one-hour infusion of irenotecan and a two-hour infusion of folinic acid. Then I had a bolus of 5-FU followed by a 46 hour pump of 5-FU. The total dose of 5-FU is over 5 grams.

The irenotecan caused stomach cramps and I had to have atropine to counteract those. The anti-emetic was ondansetron plus a big dose of dexamethasone. The dex kept me awake all night which was unpleasant, but today I have been OK so far with no real side effects.

So far so good. Although we didn't want to risk church this morning for fear of galloping diarrhea, we were able to watch it via the Internet here. Roger Carswell was preaching about the Philippian jailer of Acts 16 and he asked the question of how we put ourselves into the position that people will ask us, "What must I do to be saved?" It was a very good service with the building bulging.

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Concerned Neighbor said...

Hoping that this goes well.