Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am back from having my Hickman line inserted. I was one of five for this afternoon. I was sedated, so I knew little about it. he was able to insert in the same right external jugular that had been infected a year ago, so healing had taken place there. Also the thrombosed vein on the back of my left hand which resulted from a venflon while I was under the surgeons, had fully recovered and the was patent.

How wonderful the body is at healing itself!


BelfastChild said...

Glad to hear it well Terry. I knew it would be fine. God is good.

And, after all, the ODI went well too.

Terry Hamblin said...

But did you see the pictures in the Mail of Shoab inducing reverese swing by digging his studs in the 'dull' side of the ball?