Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Health update.

I have had my pre-chemo work-up. I seem pretty fit though I am dry and thirsty - probably the result of the dexamethasone, which has again relieved my subacute intestinal obstruction. I managed 3 hour-long walks at the weekend, but now I have a sore calf. This may be the DVT giving me bother again, even though there is no swelling. I think I will go back on low molecular weight heparin prophylaxis against that for the chemotherapy that starts on Saturday. My BP was 130/72 despite the steroids, so I am happy about that. My weight seems steady at 182 pounds. Sleep is disturbed, probably because of the steroids again.

Tomorrow, I have my line in. I hope he gives me some sedation. It will go into the left external jugular, I expect, since the right was impaired by a line infection a year ago. The tunneling is quite an unpleasant experience.

My alternate weekends are going to be ruined for the next six months, but when you are retired you may as well shift your week on a couple of days - it makes no difference.

Thanks to all those who have been praying for me. Please don't stop. I am going to make every effort to get out and about during this period, but there will be times when I have to be at home. Lansdowne members, please try and visit. There are many of you who read the blog, but we don't know well and we would like to get to know you more. Ring first, 267156, but if I am in, I will give you a cup of tea (coffee, fruit juice) and a biscuit and have a chat. Don't be embarrassed or frightened of talking cancer - I would just as soon talk television or cricket or cars or especially about God. I am quite prepared to ring people up and invite them round, but I am sure you would prefer the initiative to come from you.


Anonymous said...

I wish you well and hope the line goes in without too much pain. It is considerably more unpleasant on the receiving end than most doc's seem to think it is.


BelfastChild said...

Trusting all will be well on Wednesday, Terry. I've done a few, but not had one done. At any rate, it is bound to better than the last two ODIs!