Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Large a Universe

The Milky Way is a disc some 100,000 light years across that consists of at least 250 billion stars, possibly as many as a trillion. It is 26,000 light years away, and is only one of myriad other galaxies visible in the night sky. We are so alone.

I doubt a God with stars to see
would ever deign to look at me.
Yet if by some mischance he tried
I'd find some secret place to hide
the angry ramblings of my mind
as they are hid, these dark, unkind
and vicious thoughts, by everyone
who fears his precious pride undone.

To Him the darkness is as light,
nothing can hide me from his sight.
A beacon burns for my disgrace
across infinities of space.
The brightest stars are dim beside
the ugly glare of hate and pride,
envy and greed, a fiery flood;
I hide them only in His blood.

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edie Smith said...

Truly beautiful, meaningful...I liked it very much
edie smith