Friday, July 29, 2011

Aphorisms 16

If you think the world a place intended only for our happiness you will find it quite intolerable – CS Lewis

I didn’t go into religion to make me happy; I always knew a bottle of port would do that. – CS Lewis

It seems to me that the ‘extreme’ elements in every church are the nearest to one another; while the ‘liberal’ and ‘broad-minded’ could never be united at all. – CS Lewis

Most political sermons teach us nothing except which newspapers are read in the Rectory. – CS Lewis

Now that contraceptives have removed the uncharitable element in fornication I do not expect people to recognize it as a sin until they have accepted Christianity as a whole. - CS Lewis

'A good police force is one that catches more crooks than it employs.' – Sir Robert Mark

If we cannot lay down our tastes, along with other carnal baggage, at the church door, surely we should at least bring them in to be humbled and, if necessary, modified, not to be indulged? – CS Lewis

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