Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Children and grandchildren

Yesterday we had a visit from our eldest child who brought two of our grandchildren over to see us. Alex, who has just left school to go to college is as tall as me know and is a splendid and polite young man and Aby who is as old in months as Alex is in years. We really have seen very little of her and when Karen left her with us for a job interview she began to cry "Ma!Ma!"

Thankfully she settled in front of children's television after a short while and by the time that Karen returned she was happy and singing to herself and chuckling away. What a joy children and grandchildren are!

All four of our children a great pleasure to us. Karen has film-star looks and a business brain, Richard is formidably bright with a social conscience, Angela is the cleverest person I know and earnest to do good, David is the practical one who can turn his hand to any task and is loved by everyone. All four were keen athletes. All four are intelligent and hard-working. All four are pleasant to be around. All have a sense of fun.

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