Monday, July 18, 2011

Family matters

The newspapers are full of the phone hacking fiasco and the public is bored by it. Newspapers think that their little world is important but nobody else does.

Let's talk about cricket instead. My son's team played in the 20/20 final of the South Northamptonshire cricket league. In a low scoring match on a rain affected pitch his team was all out for 82 of which he scored 22. Then the opposition were bowled out for 61 of which he took 4-17 in 4.2 overs. He got man-of-match, cut the grass and made the tea.

His team are top of division 5 and with only 5 more games before the end of the season look like being promoted.

He is off in Italy at the present preparing for the NASCAR series. It's a nice life if you don't weaken.

Today Karen returns from her holiday in Jamaica and Angela starts hers in the Lake District. Contrasting weather! Angela has taken her lap-top so I imagine that she will be writing up her PhD is the weather sets in.

Richard will be in the Isle of Wight when the school holidays begin.

We had a new front lawn laid over the weekend and today. Good weather for lawn laying - cool and wet.

Health has not been special these last few days. I'm very tired after meals and bloating has got worse.


Brian Koffman said...


Cut the grass and made the tea?

What does that mean? It is certainly not an American expression?



Terry Hamblin said...

Village cricket is a self-help sport. Someone has to mow the field and provide the sandwiches between the innings. That lot fell upon my son.

Chonette said...

Yes a friend of mine in Chippenham does the tea, which is always very welcome by all.

Chonette said...

Tiredness after a meal last for a long time,it gets better as time goes by, but I still find after two years, that if I have been very active during the morning or afternoon, after I eat I just drop off to sleep just by sitting down in front of the TV, though this is less frequent now.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that blessings are sent your way. Be well.