Saturday, December 18, 2010

rioter in a wheelchair

A Mr Jody McIntyre has complained that the police manhandled him during the recent Student riots that were ostensibly protesting against raising of the cap on tuition fees originally introduced by New Labour to pay for their policy of sending excessive numbers of people to polytechnics renamed 'Universities'.

I draw attention to a website that sees things differently though you will have to click on the link to see the photos:

A series of shots taken during the afternoon of the latest student protest in London. The young man in the shots, Jody McIntyre claims he was assaulted by the police.
This claim relates to an event later in the evening, however, these shots show the way the police dealt with Mr McIntyre in the afternoon.
At the time these shots were taken the police were under a barrage of bricks, bottles and metal fence panels, as well as being involved in hand to hand fighting with the crowd.
Mr McIntyre was in the front row of the crowd and in a very precarious position, especially as he is wheelchair bound.
It was clear from my vantage point that the police moved him as gently as possible and in doing so the officers put themselves in personal danger from the hail of missiles.
Once he had been moved away from the front line to a safe distance, the officers sat him on a low level wall. Mr McIntyre got up and started arguing with an officer. He was so wound up that he eventually tried to strike an officer and was only stopped from doing this due to the intervention of a famale passer-by.

Peruse Mr McIntyre's website and you will see what sort of specimen he is. Just as being black doesn't put you necessarily on the side of the angels, neither does being in a wheelchair. He is clearly trading on his handicap, but political correctness deters people from saying so..

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