Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elephants more precious than people

I heard a story today from Zimbabwe. When you get out in the bush there the people are starving. They live subsistence farming that is heavily dependent on the rains.

The story concerns a village in the bush where their crops were trampled down by a rampaging elephant. The villagers were able to kill the elephant and the cry went up to the surrounding villagers that meat was available. The elephant was butchered and fed to the starving.

That is not the story. The story was what happened when the missionary who witnessed this told the story to local churches on deputation work. He was heckled and criticised because he approved of the villagers killing the elephant. The woman who criticised him was told that the villagers would die if they had no crops. "So," replied the woman, "Villagers die all the time in Africa."


Burke said...

I've read that one of the co-founders of Greenpeace resigned from that organization saying that it had become "anti-human."

And about 50 million people have died of malaria because of the ban on DDT, a completely harmless chemical.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the starving in Zimbabwe is due solely to that country's dictator.

The elephant is an innocent, murdered by African thuggery.

Best just to leave Africa alone, to solve its own problems as best as it can.

Western aid just goes to the brutal dictator and his cronies.

When will we ever learn? People need to solve their own problems.

See: Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, France, England, Ireland, Somalia, Egypt, etc. etc.

Burke said...

People in Africa were better off under the "imperialistic" Europeans.

The leftist antipathy toward what they call imperialism is really hatred of capitalism (i.e. the spread of civilization).

Cortez may have been a brutal guy, but at least he wasn't into human scrifice, as Montezuma was.