Friday, December 17, 2010

Health and Christmas

This has been a busy week. I had my 6th course of chemotherapy on Saturday-Monday. Side effects were unpleasant and continued until Thursday. They were mainly colic and constipation with fatigue and nausea, headache and general soreness at times. I've had a lot of visitors. The district nurse came Monday to take down my chemotherapy pump. On Tuesday my brother and mother came and brought down their Christmas presents, taking back ours to them. On Wednesday I was glad to see Dr John who always brings good cheer and spiritual support. On Thursday my brother-in-law came down for a run on the beach and a dip in the sea (in a wet suit). He also had presents to bring and retrieve. Today Jane, the MacMillan nurse, came in for a chat. She is offering some physio to strengthen my muscles and some aromatherapy. I don't expect miracles, but they tell me it is very pleasant.

Tomorrow, my younger son David is expecting to visit - I guess it all depends on the weather. We had a flurry of snow today and it is expected to be worse tomorrow. He is hoping to bring my Jaguar back, but a rear-wheel drive is not the best vehicle for slippery road. I would rather he drove his Land Rover Defender.

Our Christmas preparations are almost complete. Our tree is decorated. This year our 8ft tree is replaced by a 5ft one - I was not strong enough to manhandle it. We had to buy a small table to put it on (£4 at the Salvation Army Charity Shop) and we have had fun decorating the table with soft toys (reindeer, camels, Santas and elves). Round the tree the presents have been piled. I know that I am getting an electric train set for Christmas with lots of extra track. It's like being 12 again. We also picked up a table football game from the British Heart Foundation Charity shop. With so many Charity shop bargains, nobody need be poor any more.

We plan to go to the Carols by Candlelight service on Sunday evening if I am well enough. I am listening to carols now as I am writing this - A Christmas Album from Clare College Cambridge, arranged and conducted by John Rutter. We have a sum total of 34 CDs of Christmas carols, but last Christmas because of space problems we put them away. When we came to get them out again this year we couldn't remember where. We turned the house upside down, finding all sorts other misplaced items, including dozens of board games. Eventually the carols turned up in the loft on top of the bookcase with the CS Lewis books in it.


Carter said...

About Jaguars on slippery roads--obviously an opportunity to demonstrate what superior drivers Jaguar owners are (you, for instance, obviously a man of taste and refinement... Well, maybe that only applies to XK120, 140, and XKE owners).
Carter, former owner and formerly man of taste and refinement...

Anonymous said...

The idea that you're receiving a train set for Christmas brought a smile to my face..! Your mention of C.S. granddaughter and I saw the latest Narnia move last weekend. She is quite the artist and will present me with a picture on Christmas as to what her version of Narnia looks like.

Anonymous said...

You are a very lucky boy -- I ENVY your train set. Growing up, my brothers owned the Lionel set and I was relegated to making little houses and trees to decorate the big train board, grrr. I've hinted for years that wouldn't it be fun to have a train set, but my dear husband has not responded, as he has not given me the cement mixer I have craved. But being loved is the best gift, something I'm sure you feel as well. Thanks for all you do for us sailing the unknown seas of CLL and a joyous holiday season and good health to you and yours.

Lynn S.

Anonymous said...

Well I envy you your aromatherapy. I've never experienced it but it sounds perfectly wonderful. May your Christmas be blessed.

Kathleen Beattie
Little Rock, Ar