Thursday, December 09, 2010


I saw the oncologist today. This course I am having an extra week without treatment to allow the side effects to abate before embarking on course #6. The colic and diarrhea continued until Tuesday (day 18), so I do think it was a good idea. I am finally able to withdraw the Buscopan, so I hope my tachycardia will diminish.

Course 6 starts on Saturday and then I get a 4-week delay before course 7. After Christmas I will revert to 2-weekly courses depending on whether I can stand the side effects. We also talked about maintenance treatment. There is some evidence that this will prolong remissions, but we must decide which regimen to use. The oncologist seems to favor irinotecan at a lower dose and less intensity. We shall see.

At least he thought that this wouldn't be my last Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
To you, who have given so much to so many, I wish I could say something to bring you peace of mind. When I was a hospital nurse, before CLL, I truly believed that people coping gracefully with devastating illness were true heroes of our world. You fulfill that and so much more! You are very loved.
May you have the happiest of holidays.
Marcia in CA

Carter said...

I second Marcia's comment. I pray this Christmas will be followed by many more.


bob larkin said...

I third Marcia's comments. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Bob Larkin
North Branford, CT

Marilyn said...

Dr. Hamblin,

Marcia's comments hit the nail on the head, and I agree with all she said. I wish you and your family a blessed and beautiful Christmas. May all the help, care and kindness you have given to us be returned to you ten times over.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Marilyn in TX

Anonymous said...


Have you considered HIPEC treatment to prevent peritoneal carcinomatosis? It is a big thing over on this side of the pond.

Also, I wanted to say that my dad has CLL, and your blog has been a great source of information. You were kind enough to correspond with me briefly a few years ago, after his Dx. Of particular interest right now is your mention of a clinical trial of antibiotic therapy to eradicate H. pylori in CLL patients. My dad had ulcers when he was younger, so I believe he is probably positive for H. pylori. I am beginning to believe that many cancers have a bacterial or viral etiology. Evidence continues to mount.

Anyhow, keep up your courageous fight and all that you do. To quote one of your greatest PMs, "never, never, never, never give up!"

Best regards,