Saturday, October 02, 2010


It is now a week since my last chemo. Days 1 & 2 were spent receiving the stuff. It was less onerous than last time. I felt a little oppressed while it was running in over 48 hours but minus the peripheral neuropathy of the platinum, it was certainly bearable, and when the pump was disconnected on day 3, I felt quite well. Day 4 was OK and I was so well on day 5 that I was able to sand down a door that was sticking after our recent redecoration.

Then at 5-30 pm on day 5 it it me. Severe colicky pain and diarrhea - undoubtedly the effect of the irenotecan. I used hyoscine 10mg and loperamide with some relief, but there were several more attacks during the night. Day 6 was difficult and I began to despair for the schedule I had laid out for myself on day 7 which included 2 visits from church members and a conference call, plus visits from family members on day 8.

So day 6 night I dosed myself with codeine phosphate 30mg and hyoscine 20mg and had a good night's undisturbed sleep. I was able to have my visits and a conference call to America about a Campath clinical trial and then took the same prophylaxis for day 7 night with equally good results.

Today, day 8 morning, my family have all cancelled because they have colds or gastric flu and don't want to infect me, so I have a quiet weekend ahead. We may even be able to get to church tomorrow. The only symptoms I have are mouth ulcers and angular stomatitis - likely to be the 5-FU and some rather mild colic, which I am dealing with.

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Anonymous said...

I find zinc cream - baby cream - very effective for angular stomatitis. Rub it in and leave overnight. Zinc lozenges help the mouth ulcers to heal.
All the best.