Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Pressure

I thought I ought to comment on Scattergate, or "No Pressure" the 10:10 promotional film produced by Richard Curtis to support the concept of global warming. Click on the link to watch the video though I do warn you that many will find it offensive.

10:10 is a charity that has attracted financial support from the British Government, O2 and Sony and has other corporate sponsors. None of the sponsors had editorial control over the video. 10:10 is suggesting that everybody should reduce his carbon footprint by 10%.

Having seen the video which was described as 'ironic' 10:10 has taken it down because some supporters felt it was offensive, and they have issued a sort of apology.

For myself, I think it was an honest attempt by Richard Curtis and his friends to state quite clearly that the eco-warriors are climate fascists. Curtis and his chums are subversives. Their output - Backadder, Four Weddings and Funeral, Notting Hill and The Boat that Rocked are all subversive. This is what they do. They took the money and made a film telling the world that Climate warmers are authoritarian blackguards. But they did it is an 'ironic' way so that everyone would get the joke except the blowhards themselves.


Mr. Xyz said...

It's good to get the word out about this because some people can't believe it when they first see it.

This video obscures the gore and has a little fun with the situation:

"Was This Originally A Prank? (gore obscured)"

Guy said...

My favorite climate experts are John Christie and Roy Spencer, at University of Alabama Huntsville. Roy's book Climate Confusion is a great read.