Tuesday, October 05, 2010

German CLL8 part 5

Here is the progression-free survival curve for the CLL8 trial.

The median PFS: for FCR: 51.8 months and for FC: 32.8 months (N=790 Hazard ratio 0.563, ranges 0.460-0.689, p<0.001) PFS rate 3 yrs post randomization: FCR: 64.9% FC: 44.7%. The risk of progression was reduced by 44% in the chemoimmunotherapy group compared with the chemotherapy group (HR 0·56 [95% CI 0·46–0·69]).

An improvement in PFS was noted in all stages. Again click to enlarge. I have reprinted the first image to remind you.

Patients with disease in Binet stages B and C showed similar median PFS of 32·5 months (28·4–36·6) and 33·0 months (25·0–41·2), respectively, when treated with chemotherapy. Treatment with chemoimmunotherapy improved the median PFS to 51·8 months (47·8–56·0) in 522 patients with Binet stage B disease (HR 0·50 [95% CI 0·39–0·65]; p<0·0001) and to 40·7 months (0·73 [0·51–1·04]; p=0·081) in 252 patients with Binet stage C disease. The small number of patients (n=40) in Binet stage A did not allow a meaningful analysis of this subgroup, but a non-significant improvement was noted in PFS with chemoimmunotherapy.


Burke said...


The MDA folks claim a median PFS of 7 yrs for FCR, as I understand it, whereas these results show only a little over 4 years. What would you say explains that?

Terry Hamblin said...

MDA had less severe cases, I expect.

George said...

So, Binet Stage rejoins the predictors, after being dropped out (CLL4)....or not?