Monday, October 11, 2010

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Yesterday, for what I imagine to be the first time, Lansdowne Baptist Church became a chemotherapy suite. I felt so well during my infusion that I was able to go to church in the morning with my pump running. It is very unobtrusive, so nobody was distracted.

I was so glad to be able to go. The music was terrific. Often with modern tunes nobody quite knows when to come in so there is a lot of stuttering around the first, second and subsequent beats, but the pianist was excellent and gave us a clear indication of when to start singing. I was very pleased to hear one of my hymns used in the service - it shows that it is used even when I am not expected to be there - makes the hard work worthwhile.

We had a wonderful sermon from Chris Kelly on I Samuel chapter 8, where the Israelites demand a King - they got that fathead, Saul. The main points were that rejection hurts - Samuel was rejected a] because he was old, b] because his grown up sons were crooks, and c] because he wouldn't bend to the ways of the world. His response was to pray and submit to God's will.

Secondly, the Israelites - read Christians - were doing the rejecting. What right have we to reject God's servant? If he were leading an ungodly life - sexual immorality, exploiting the poor, fraud, theft, or bullying - or if he were teaching a false doctrine - conjuring trick with bones, for instance - then it would not only be right, but our duty to reject him, but if we reject God's man for sticking too close to Jesus, then we are rejecting God, we are not being spiritual and ultimately hurting ourselves. If we get into a mess over it don't expect God to run to our aid. God has sometimes been silent for decades - even centuries when his people rebel against him. Sometimes he lets us have our head.

Finally God does not force his way upon us, but despite our resistance we cannot thwart him, "Even the wrath of man shall praise him," says the Scripture, and "you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good." Such mistakes as choosing Saul are there for us to learn from.

I am expecting my pump to be disconnected in a couple of hours and then, I hope no side effects until later in the week.

I'm still awake for half the night, but I am using the time profitably. See next post.

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