Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today I had my third course of chemotherapy. In view of the severe grade 3 mucositis last time and the fact that I had a neutorphil nadir of 1.0 they have reduced the dose of 5-FU by 20%, but they have kept the interval at 14 days. I have been tired an colicky today and not eating this evening. I am looking forward to an early night. My visual acuity has been affected by the atropine injection to counter the irinotecan, so if there are any typos, it's because I am blind to them.

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Chonette said...

Sorry to hear you have had problems with mucositis, I did the ice chips together with mouth washes before during and after the infusion of Melphalan.
I first came across the ice chips practice on an article that Chaya wrote many years ago.
Before my SCT I researched and found a trial paper using ice chips, I followed the same protocol, I know of two other CLL transplanted people that used the same method and did not experienced mucositis.
Although some people might think it is a placebo effect, when I discussed it with my GP she thought it made sense.