Saturday, August 07, 2010

What sort of people would do this?

Eight foreigners and two Afghans have been found shot dead next to abandoned, bullet-riddled vehicles in north-eastern Afghanistan. Six Americans, a German and a Brit, who formed part of an eye surgery team taking aid to poor Afghans were gunned down along with two Afghan interpreters. A third Afghan was spared because he called out, "I'm a Muslim," and recited parts of the Koran. The Taliban have claimed responsibility and have said that they were doing it because these were Christian missionaries.

The government of Afghanistan have claimed that it was a simple robbery.

Some of my best friends are Muslims and they will be as appalled by these murders as I am. No doubt it is part of the culture and not just the religion, but Afghani culture has already been contaminated by Western technology. Left to themselves these people would not have high explosive, machine guns or rocket propelled grenades. Merely abandoning them to their fate is not an answer. Jesus told his disciples that in villages where they were not welcome they should shake off the dust from their feet and go elsewhere. I don't think that is an option today. We have already seen on 9/11 that these people are not prepared to be troglodytes for ever. Leave them alone and they will attack us.

Unfortunately, the only option we have is to drive them back into their holes and then put the ferrets down after them.

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