Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Latest on my health

I rang the oncologist yesterday and we agreed that I postpone my appointment with him until I have seen the surgeon at the end of next month. I will have a CT scan midway through September.

My weight is gradually creeping back up - I am now 182 pounds having been 200 before the operation and 177 at my lowest. I still get a bit of colic and I take antispasmodics, but on the whole my anastomosis is working fine. Most evenings I feel quite bloated by bedtime. My strength is returning and I no longer need an afternoon nap. I am driving short distances - my first trip to the bank this morning and I polished the wood block floor that extends through most of the ground floor of out house today. I plan to attend a lecture in Southampton next week. This will entail a 60 mile round trip in the Jaguar.

I hope that I might be fit enough to attend the UKCLL Forum meeting in London in September.

I have restarted editing Leukemia Research and am refereeing for Blood and British Journal of Haematology.

The CT scan and appointment with the oncologist will determine whether I am to have further chemotherapy


Mike said...

Nice to hear you're getting better and you're able to do more things done. The trip in your Jag sounds like something to look forward to, I know when I can drive it helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

Great news Terry! I visited England one glorious summer and loved it. Enjoy your drive

Blue Mountains, 80ks west of Sydney.

wilfred said...

As medical doctor with CLL, born 27 august 1943 we have a lot common things and I read all you writings .
I hope you still survive for many years. With my last bloodsheet neutrofilos 1,6 thrombocytos 60000 I feel in reel danger. Yesterday 38,2 degrees Celcius.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear

Chonette said...

Happy to hear your weight is improving and you no longer need an afternoon nap, I remember how happy I was when I got to that point myself. I hope polishing the floor was a therapeutic experience, I find my woodwork makes me feel better and helps me to go back to living a normal life again.

jan said...

I pray for you on a daily basis. May you have many, many more years of improvement and happiness.

I know that positive thinking and faith can make as much difference as treatment.

Debbie said...

So pleased to hear you are doing better. Enjoy each day! You are so generous with your time helping others. I'm sure that the act of giving is bringing you some of that strength.