Saturday, December 12, 2009

More fun

I had my swine 'flu jab on Thursday. My arm was a lot sorer than with the seasonal 'flu jab and I had a headache and painful joints yesterday. Today I am fine again. Because I am supposedly immunodeficient I have to have a booster jab at the beginning of January.

This evening we are going to the carol concert at Winchester Cathedral (where Jane Austen is buried.)

I have finished writing all my Christmas cards this morning. Here is a tip for all those who think that cards have got ridiculously expensive. A birthday card nowadays seems to cost at least £1.50 and often as much as £2.50. It seems an awful waste, especially for something so ephemeral. You could, instead, send electronic cards which are remarkably cheap and the same card can be sent to as many as you like. Alternatively, go to a bookshop or any store that sells gift tokens. Buy a token for £1 and you get a free card with it. I don't suggest that you pocket the token and just send the card, but just imagine that 10 people had the same idea. The lucky birthday girl would have £10 to spend when the cards came down, instead of some cardboard to send to the recycling. Put a little note in saying you don't expect a thank-you note or all the profit will be consumed by the postage. I am told that this is how George Soros got so rich, but, of course, I don't believe it.

Talking about thank you notes, perhaps you will like this little poem by Mick Gower:

Dear Auntie
Oh, what a nice jumper
I've always adored powder blue
And fancy you thinking of
Orange and pink
for the stripes
How clever of you!

Dear Uncle
The soap is
And such a kind thought and
How did you guess that
I'd just used the last of
The soap that last Christmas brought.

Dear Gran
Many thanks for the hankies
Now I really can't wait for the flu
And the daisies embroidered
in red round the 'M'
For Michael
Thoughtful of you!

Dear Cousin
What socks!
The same sort you wear
So you must be
The last word in style
And I'm certain you're right that the
Luminous green
Will make me stand out a mile.

Dear Sister
I quite understand
It's a risk sending jam in the post
But I think I've pulled out
All the big bits
Of glass
So it won't taste too sharp
Spread on toast.

Dear Grandad
Don't fret
I'm delighted
So don't think your gift will offend
I'm not at all hurt
That you gave up this year
And just sent me
A fiver
To spend.


Anonymous said...

Regarding H1N1, are you taking Zantac between the immunizations?


Terry Hamblin said...

No. My immunity is not significantly impaired. The chemotherapy I had is not very immunosuppressive and my underlying cancer doesn't suppreess immunity either.