Monday, December 21, 2009

Global warming

In those days before jets, airplanes used to have propellers. Do you know what the propeller was for? Obviously it acted as a fan to keep the pilot cool. You don't believe me? Well, you should see how they start sweating when the propeller stops going round.

I remembered that story when I thought about those huge wind turbines that the Copenhagen lot have been erecting to try and keep the planet cool. Silly! It isn't going to work. What's more it isn't necessary.

I reproduce this graph from Lord Monkton's recent publication to demonstrate what has actually been happening to global temperature in the past 20 years. Everyone goes on about 1998 being the hottest year on record, but this graph shows it to have been an anomaly, not part of the general trend. The fuss of Copenhagen seems to have been an argument over whether future global warming should be kept at 2 degrees for the next century or at 1.5 degrees. The current graph suggests that for the past 5 years it has been running at 0.9 degrees per century.

Coupled with the recent Climategate e-mails, Monkton's publication (he is despised as an amateur by the AGW cabal) surely makes any true scientist suspicious that the carbon dioxide hypothesis might not be correct. Of course the alternate hypothesis is that all those huge propellers in the sky really have been cooling the planet.


Burke said...

Lord Monckton says that there has been no statistically significant temperture increase in 15 years and that it has been cooling for the last 9 years.

Burke said...

Another potential blockbuster from Great Britain in the climate dispute, Doc: