Tuesday, December 01, 2009

1000th blog - aphorisms 6

This is my 1000th blog. Tomorrow I have my follow-up CT scan which will reveal whether the symptoms that I am getting - some abdominal bloating and pains in my joints are the continuing side effects caused by the neuropathy or the sign of returning cancer. I thought I would share some of the pithy sayings that I have accumulated over the past few weeks.

Never argue with an idiot, because people watching lose track of which is which.

Too many e-mails; not enough knee-mails.

Old musicians never die; they just decompose.

If you think all your problems are behind you, you are likely to be towing a caravan

My pine table is knotty but nice.

I try to be a philosopher, but cheerfulness keeps breaking in.

After a campaign to encourage sneezing into your sleeve to stifle the spread of germs, the Swine Flu hotline’s music while you wait was “Greensleeves”.

Many good works are spoiled for the want of a little more.

The peace of God, which by-passes all misunderstanding.

The problem of unbelief is not lack of information but lack of inclination.


Brian Koffman said...

1000 blogs. Well done. And every one worth a read and reread. Who would have thought I remember you starting this project so clearly. Thanks for bringing us along on your journey.
Like you, I plan to keep blogging away
Like you, I am missing ASH this year, but there is a bumper crop of CLL abstracts. High dose rituximab (3gm/m2) was one that caught my eye
Be well. Holding out that your present pains are just gas.

Anonymous said...

All the very best for your CT tomorrow, will be thinking of you. Kind regards Karen (NZ)

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
Yes, so true - once a cancer diagnosis, in our minds every pain is perhaps a recurrence. Most esp for those in the medical profession. My hopes & prayers are with you for peace of mind & a negative CT. And many thanks for your thoughtful & clever 1000 blogs.
Kind regards,
Marcia in CA

Joan said...

OK--so, here's my favorite:

"I try to be a philosopher, but cheerfulness keeps breaking in."

Thank you for that. I want to hold on to the idea of cheerfulness breaking in.

And my cheerful best to you!