Monday, October 27, 2008

Global cooling


Roger Helmer is Conservative MEP for the East Midlands. This increase in CO2 worries me. It seems to be making the world get colder!


heartland said...

As an eminent scientist like you will know the MP has done some naughty things here in presenting his data. First he's deliberately chosen his period to get a negative best fit line - 2008 has been an unusually cold year - if the data stopped in 2007 both temperature trend lines would have been flat. Second he's chosen scales which exaggerate the increase in CO2 - so that a 3% increase looks like a doubling and he's used seasonally adjusted CO2 data to compare to non-seasonally adjusted temperature data.

What's happening with climate - search me, I'm not a climatologist - but I can tell when people are being misleading.

Terry Hamblin said...

Yes, it's very easy to mislead with statistics. However, the supposed increase in world temperature does not seem to be happening. Perhaps Kyoto is having an effect after all.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyede reading Climate Confusion by Dr. Roy Spencer of Univ of Alabama...and his website, along with following comments of his cohort, Dr. John Christie (the latter was an author in the IPCC report). Both were involved with designing the satellite systems for measuring atmospheric temperature, and neither is a global warming alarmist. They are skeptics when it comes to warming alarmism and are among the few studying natural climate cycle causes, especially cloud cover. Christie has said that it may well be that CO2 changes may in fact have a retarding effect on warming, and that we may someday look back and see the increases as having had a beneficial impact on us and our planet. I found your blog as a CML patient of one year just searcing for info. Appreciate your ponderings on faith and prayer.