Monday, October 06, 2008

Aphorsims for this week

Communism, socialism, Keynesianism; so many ‘isms’ have become ‘wasms’.

Doctors become terrorists because death is too easy for them; it no longer hurts.

Blind to one’s own faults; vigilant for those of others.

If a man can’t find something it’s because he hasn’t looked hard enough; if a woman can’t find it, it’s because it isn’t there.

I like the tortoise; in order to get anywhere it has to stick its neck out.

Life is a sexually transmitted condition; universally fatal.

As I get older I learn never to pass by a bathroom – HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.

I have CDO; it’s like OCD but with the letters in alphabetical order. As they should be!

The ground is level at the foot of the cross.

Where can wisdom be found?”…“the deep says ‘it is not in me’; the sea says ‘it is not in me’. It cannot be bought with the finest gold, nor its price be weighed in silver. Job 28 v12 -15

If a penny becomes the apple of your eye it blots out the sun.

The devil has no difficulty in making sin look innocent.

There is no such thing as a little sin; for that to be true there would have to be a little God.

Payment God cannot twice demand
First at my Savior's bleeding hand
And then at mine.

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Anonymous said...

After the events of the last two weeks Keynesianism is surely a "nowism"!