Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grannies for hire.

My mother (aged 88) is staying with us at present while some repairs are being done on her bathroom. She needs a lift to church on Sunday mornings. Although she used to walk the two miles there and two miles back, this is beyond her now. There are no buses and she doesn't drive. Despite this members of the church have been happy to help her. Over the past year two of her drivers have had to give up through illness or emigration, but whenever someone drops out another steps forward to help.

She sees it as the LORD's provision but others are more cynical. Parking is very difficult around the church and she has an invalid parking permit. Could it be that people are keen to deliver her so that they can park their cars illegally on double yellow lines right outside the church?

I suggested to her that she should consider hiring herself out to those whose trips involve particularly difficult parking. She might see the world.


Anonymous said...

This technique is useful when visiting NHS hospitals too, when, say, you have to visit the Chemotherapy day unit three times a week.

I realise that in these circumstances one can get an exemption from the charges in my NHS Trust.

I normally take my father with me, who happens to have a disabled badge, and he can quite legally park right by the entrance. In the same way your mother can park on double yellow lines, even if she is not driving the car, as she has that right with the badge.

Gillian said...

Like wise my mother (84 now) We are always assured of a parking space at our church in an otherwise overcrowded car park. There are some advantages of being elderly and infirm. Never had the nerve to park on double yellow lines even with a blue card though.
Greetings fom my mum to yours - they go back a long way!