Friday, February 08, 2008

David Mason, RIP.

I am sorry to report that Professor David Mason of Oxford University has died following complications of routine surgery. David who was in his early sixties was the fifth most cited author in Oncology. He was responsible for many innovations in the immunological definition of lymphoid tumors and involved in formulating both the REAL and WHO classifications. I served with him on an LRF committee.


Anonymous said...

David's untimely death is a sad loss both for those who knew and loved him and for those who didn't but were able to benefit from his considerable contribution to science and medicine. As a friend and colleague he was delightful, full of wit, wisdom and anecdotes for every occasion. A man who always had time for you - whoever you are.

Robin Roberts-Gant

Edward said...

David was truly a remarkable man and scientist. Those who were priveledged to know him and work with him were touched by his humor, generous spirit and probing mind. Is there anyone in the UK writing an obituary for him for publication. I would like to get more information for putting together an obit for Human Immunology or ASH

Ed Clark, Professor Immunology, Uni Washington

Terry Hamblin said...

An obituary has appeared on the LRF website.


Terry Hamblin said...
is the address for the David Mason obit.