Saturday, August 19, 2006


I was born on a Thursday.

The children's rhyme says it all (as featured in the Quiller Memorandum) - Thursday's child has vertigo.

I have had my grandchildren with us today; the last Saturday before they leave for Seattle. Everything is settled at this end. The house is let for the year, the car is sold, the check has arrived, schools are fixed, a house is rented, they are ready to go.

Today we took the girls to an Alice in Wonderland theme park. First we took them on a swing boat ride. It gave me such an attack of vertigo that my head was spinning for the rest of the afternoon. That's me done for roller-coasters.


Deb said...

My sister was born on Thursday but we always heard Thursday's Child has far to go. Either description would serve have gone far even if you are a little dizzy ;-) I have had vertigo off and on for years. Perhaps the Cawthorne exercises will help? They did wonders for me although they were very difficult in the beginning. Whenever I feel it coming on again, I do a few of the exercises and it passes. Enjoy the children - I know how you will miss them and they will surely miss you!

brian Koffman said...

When I took my then 12 year son to Orlando's Islands of Adventure for some wild roller coaster rides, I lamented this might be the last time he'd want to go to a theme park with his dad. The reality was that despite loading up on a double dose of meclizine, I had such vertigo that I was the one who said no to future thrill rides.Now we enjoy trips to the museum and camping. All 4 of mine are far live far from home, but they are home often and the internet and calling cards keeps us in touch

Terry Hamblin said...

Far-to-go: Vertigo

It was my lame attempt at a pun.

Jenny Lou said...

Argh--Vertigo. Something that I get now and then. After laser surgery for my eyes, it has been much better. The eyes get googly by something, (like a rollercoaster) and the inner ear reacts by getting off balance---or as an ENT DR. told me--it can be a food allergy or hormones. He said that no one ever dies of vertigo, so they are not really sure what causes it--definately inner ear and allergies or inner ear and vision or ?????
Reading your post on vertigo gave me vertigo. (sigh)

Anonymous said...

I am not asking this question at the right posting site
but I don't know where to go!
I really want to get to the very beginning of your blog.
I scrolled to the end but it ended with the past couple
days post.
Please give me name of your first post and I can put that in the search place. Maybe it will throw me to the
beginning. It may be you've not been posting long, but
I don't think that is correct. I want to catch up on all your posted CLL info. Your thoughts are smart and amusing but I am on a mission! I want to learn all I can from everything you have shared. I really learn from CLL Topics.
Carlin C.

Terry Hamblin said...

Dear Carlin

To the right of the script you will see the archives. The blog started on December 2005, so click on that date and you will find yourself at the beginning. Then you can click on subsequent dates to find your way about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. Hamblin,
I have read all of those. Darn, I had
high hopes you started your blog twenty
some years ago. I suppose there were no bolgs then!
So I will be watching you and David A. daily and be happy for that!
Thanks again, Carlin C.

Deb said...

OK - I'm embarrassed. I had thought of the nursery rhymes of old and how they are said differently now as well as differences in translations. And to think it was just recently my mother told me I never took anything seriously and always made jokes. And puns are my favorite. Well, you got me good, Dr. H!

Sarah Swanson said...

My husband is 42. He was dianosed with stage II in November. His son had Burkitt's in 1997. Our insurance doesn't cover us to go to Fred Hutch. We live near Seattle. I will take you to a fabulous dinner and show you the info I already have. Please. I am sorely lacking in information. He is getting sicker. I think I can get what I need I just need to be able to tell the doctors what to do.