Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm a retiree; get me out of here!

After the holiday I settle down and make a list of all the things I have to do.
1 Organize a clinic for tomorrow
2 Review a new textbook for NEJM
3 Write an article for Tom Kipps' new book
4 Review a grant proposal for CLL Global
5 Complete the registration of my new charity "Form of a Servant" with the Charity Commissioners
6 Review an article for Blood
7 Complete the Annual Report for two Charities for which I am Trustee
8 Arrange the UKCLL Forum meeting for November
9 Cancell my ultrsound on my arm as all my symptoms have now gone.
10 Complete review for Haematologica
11 Complete protocol for Vaccination study for CLL patients
12 Review ammendment to a protocol for GTAC
13 Organize flights to Vienna for meeting next month
14 Edit new batch of papers for Leukemia Research
15 Review book sent by lady from Georgia for Leukemia Research
16 Fill out tax return
17 Review Grant proposal for Action Medical Research
18 Read through Grant Proposals for LRF CTAP meeting next month
Then today new tasks appear. Arrange to be interviewed by Channel 4 TV for program on Northwick Park disaster. Receive e-mail from National Institute for Clinical Excellence about a report they expect from me on Fludarabine. Help! I didn't know they were expecting one.

Later: 4 of the above tasks completed (the easiest ones)


Chaya said...

Dear Terry:

Welcome to the club of chronically over-worked retirees! I wish I can say it will get easier over time. 4+ years and counting, PC and I are busier than ever. The good news is that we are happy to be doing it.

Item #11 on your to-do list looks very interesting, very easy to do. You should be able to knock that one off your list in no time.


Terry Hamblin said...

That's 5 done.

Anonymous said...


Remember you have to leave a gap in your diary and busy schedule to see on TV the Ashes being lost later this year!

We await our English friends with great relish!


Steve Madden said...

If you want a job done properly get a busy man to do it :)

99 Days 'till the next ashes test.

Jenny Lou said...

I believe it was you who said that when on vacation, you felt you should be working. Obviously, that is because you come back to a list as long as your arm. You would not enjoy retirement...and in reality, you are only retired because you have to be (In the UK)--Rock on Terry-retirement is not what it is made out to be.

Jenny Lou said...

You are the Mick Jagger of CLL--all the rest are just your roadies.