Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pakistan v England

I spent an enjoyable day watching the Test Match on TV. It does not look as though the Headingly wicket is capable of producing a result. The Pakistani attack is very poor with even the England tail-enders looking comfortable, and certainly it is unlikely to bowl England out twice, but England bowled too short, with only Monty Panesar looking penetrative. There are a lot of players on both sides out injured, so this may not be a fair comparison. Pakistan outplayed England on their home turf, but equally apart from their middle order,they do not have the skills for playing in England.

The umpiring has not really been first class either, with Pakistan suffering more.

Pietersen was outstanding again today and Bell grafted well for his ton.

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Jim McVey said...

Terry you remind me of my youth and my youthful fears. My Paternal Grandfather had a set of books all about WW1 these were well illustrated with pictures. I cannot remember details but they made me aware of the horror of war. The
trenches and tunnels were horrible to think about. The barb wire strewn across No Mans Land, the sniping. I was 11 when war broke out again.

I think the next vivid impression was generated by the Psychological Sci-Fi Film “Things To Come” I relived that film many times in my life and Raymond Massey the Star was
a powerful influence. I took heart from his message that science would make the world a better place. I think I saw this before WW 11 started. Where some of the actions of the film were played out in the London blitz and the Firestorms created in Germany. I lived in Berlin in 51 and saw the war scars still there.

As ever you paint a vivid picture of the horror of war. I wonder what the present generation of young men will experience in their life. Will the training they have in video games serve them well.
Video games are all of the shoot em up kill variety, but they are all
done in Virtual Reality which insulates the player. Similar to the pilot who drops his bombs or the soldier who fires the rocket on
targets unseen. Science has morphed war into a Virtual Reality.

A present day horror emerging is the group examining 9/11 they are
questioning the veracity of the Official Report. They are pointing
out the similarities of 9/11 to Pearl Harbor. The start of the present day troubles was the WTC attack.. I am very apprehensive about their claims, one of which is that the steel in the towers could not have been melted by jet fuel. I used to work in a steel works and
know about the heat necessary to melt steel. My apprehension stems
from, what if it is true, what a mess the world would be in, it is bad enough now.

To be friends with another person, one or the other has to overlook
something in the other that he doesn’t like, usually there is some
trait, not quite acceptable by either. But each has to subjugate that notion to remain friends. That is a difficult thing for countries to achieve and superpowers have a big target on their back which
everyone shoots at.

Thanks for the memories, one has many at 79 with CLL, what else to