Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Women all over England are raving about Labyrinth. It was chosen by Richard and Judy's book club as one of their books of the year. It is written by Kate Mosse (no not that one). You might describe it as Da Vinci Code meets Chick Lit. It is set in both the 13th century and the here and now and is about the Holy Grail and teh Albigenses or Cathars.

It is reasonably well written, without the pace of Dan Brown's book, but the plot is forever being interupted by unnecessary details about the color of the heroine's eye shadow, and what skirt she chooses to put on. I finished the 700 pages but had guessed the plot twists about 200 pages out - pretty well telegraphed by the use of "we" rather than "they".

My wife liked it but I won't be reading any more by Miss Mosse.

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justme said...

love reading your blog! (am a newly diagnosed cll patient, but with good prognosis) love ALL the different topics you discuss, particularly love hearing about your family AND YOUR FAITH! was in Bournemouth 6/17/01 with our church choir and orchestra (from Chicago area)(i'm a 2nd alto) at Lansdowne Baptist Church...have wonderful memories of that tour!

i'm with your wife...haven't read it yet, but it sounds good...so i think i will...